WATCH: Dineo Langa and Solo reflect on their first year of marriage


Newlyweds Dineo Langa and Solo are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The couple tied the knot in a private traditional ceremony a year ago. To celebrate the couple reflected on their first year of marriage and shared a video montage from their special day on their new YouTube channel, The Langa’s.

In the video, Dineo and Solo shared their thoughts on their first year of marriage. Solo shared in part; “It’s more a mental shift than anything else as opposed to day- to- day. I guess understanding what the binding really means and meant. I think if anything there was a shift in terms of us and the responsibility of it all and understanding. And really just respecting the weight of commitment. So I think it’s more mental than it is anything else.”

Dineo also shared her thoughts saying in part; “I don’t feel like anything really changed. I feel like this was always our dial, this was always our frequency of how we were even as a couple through the 7 years we were together before we got married. We were always like this for me. It’s been really good, I think marriage has added a nice texture to us. I think for us becoming one, the understanding of the unity you grasp it at a different level once you understand the forever. And forever is for any human to grasp. You can’t really put your mind around it.”

Dineo Langa and Solo reflect on their first year of marriage. Take a look at what they had to say.

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