Well, it seems as if Zodwa Wabantu is having some problems. We can all agree that she can’t keep her private life under wraps.

In the wake of her troubles, she has been visiting the rehab centres more often. The entertainer is best known for dancing with a bottle of booze in her hand.

The exotic dancer took it to social media a few weeks ago and posted a video, saying that she had handed herself over to Africa Rehabilitation Centre, which deals with drugs and alcohol addiction.

Zodwa, who has a reality show on Moja Love titled Zodwa Uncensored, can be heard in the video saying that she’s tired.

Today, Zodwa took to social media to update her fans on how she handling her rehabilitation, she captioned her post ‘More Test for Drugs & Alcohol ‘

However, it was recently reported that video: Zodwa Wabantu turns herself in and goes to rehab. Zodwa Wabantu turns herself in and goes to rehab. Taking to Instagram the Influencer admits she has had enough of alcohol and drugs. Although she denies taking any sniffing drugs, Zodwa is honest enough to her fans.

Zodwa is honest and shows her fans the real her without sugar-coating anything. That is why most people love and adore her. Zodwa’s fans are encouraging her to do the right thing. This is a huge step that she has taken and it will certainly help the war on drugs.

Youths are wasting away to drugs and abuse of alcohol. Lately, the cases of drug abuse in youths have increased. The abuser does not see any problem but it is important that we help those people get help. People are sharing their stories and supporting Zodwa’s decision.

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