Uzalo Actor Kay Sibiya Back With His Baby Mama After Breakup


Uzalo Actor Kay Sibiya Back With His Baby Mama After Breakup

Uzalo actor Kay Sibiya and his baby mama, Judie Kama have been grabbing the headlines lately.

The two first rocked the boat when they announced that they were breaking up.

Said the couple at the time
After much thought and consideration, Judie and I have decided to separate on amicable terms.I have much respect for her and I will always hold her in high esteem and regard.

‘We know this might come as a sudden shock but please can you grant us space there is a lot on the balance and this decision is bigger than us as it affects many people,”

Kay then went to ask for piece of cake in the comments, to which Judie jokingly asked which one?
Seems like the sparks are flying, did they even break up in the first place?

Kay has described himself as a loner sometimes, saying he retreats to recharge at one point or another.
“I often withdraw to my own little corner. Sometimes the attention gets a little bit too much for me so I make sure I take a step back and remind myself what is really important in life and not let the attention and the fame get inside my head.”

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