Suicide Attempt at roof of the Hilton Hotel, Durban – Woman trying to jump off the roof


This morning at the roof of Hilton Hotel in Durban a woman tried committing suicide, thanks to the bravery of Durban Metro police she was saved.

Early on Friday morning, social media users awoke to a photograph and subsequent videos doing the rounds of a woman on the roof of the the Hilton Hotel in Durban central, KwaZulu-Natal.

In the video, the woman – standing on the second highest of a series of platforms atop the hotel – is seen gesturing to someone out of camera shot. She repeatedly holds her face in her hands and appears to be crying and emotional.

Watch video below:

A source at the scene, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that the incident did take place and said the woman did not jump.

Upon hearing of the incident, Durban Metro Police’s search and rescue teams were immediately dispatched, as well as paramedics.

The source explained that once the woman was distracted, search and rescue team members managed to subdue her.

She was then taken to an ambulance, where she was stabilised and transported to hospital.

It is not yet clear if the woman was a guest at the hotel, or how she gained access to the roof of the building.

Hilton Hotel has been approached for comment, but no responses have been received.

The Durban Metro Police were also not immediately available for comment.

This is a developing story. Updates to follow as more information is made available.

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