“Senzo Meyiwa Case Needs To Be Put To End” Kelly Khumalo Blast Min Bheki Cele and SA Justice System For Not Doing It’s Job


Kelly Khumalo has hit back at ongoing accusations that she’s responsible for the death of Senzo Meyiwa, claiming people have already decided she is guilty. On an emotional video, she shared on Instagram is fuming and blaming South African Police Minister Bheki Cele and Justice system for not doing their job while they seating on high chairs.

Meyiwa was murdered by unknown gunmen in October 2014 whilst visiting his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo in Vosloorus. Fans and the Meyiwa family have strongly criticised the authorities for failing to make a breakthrough or any arrests in the murder case.

She felt like it is now the right time for her to speak out since all blame, criticism, and fingers are pointing at her while the police department is not doing their job to bring criminals to justice.

“I keep thinking about this and it’s been years of thinking about this and realizing that, it is tough being a woman in this country or maybe anywhere in the world it is tough being me in this country.”

“You know I continue to be a victim of the system in South Africa. Now I am going to address the issue of Daila Spolicia (Police) who are not doing their job, because this is a very serious matter, but it seems like someone is seating somewhere in their highchair and they don’t care because this doesn’t affect your everyday life. And this doesn’t affect your job or your business, and this doesn’t affect you emotionally and you don’t have any children who are going to live through this, so it’s doesn’t affect you. Whether this matter is being solved or not you don’t care.”

“For years I don’t speak, I am shutting up because you know maybe in my own way or strength will find the strength to have to voice say this. The truth of the matter is this, system especially when it comes to Daila Spolicia (Police) in our country is highly questionable, very questionable if I should say so and I am going to tell you this maybe you will thinking harsh because I’m drinking, no it’s not drinking talking it’s me I’ve been wanting to say this.”

“The Law in this country is failing women in a very major way, not just women but citizens of South Africa in a very major way but nobody is talking about it. Shit is being swept under carpet, maybe its time I am not going to sweep anything under the carpet. The matter of my daughters’ father (Senzo Meyiwa) needs to be put to End. It’s been six years, I become a victim of this matter for very many many years and I am tired. I am going to speak; I have no longer afraid of speaking.”

“Someone in charge is not doing anything, I’ve written a letter to Department of Police, no one share or even border to answer me saying Kelly we are doing something about this, its easy for them to shut up because they don’t have to live a day in my shoes. I have a country that hates, I have a country that swears at me every day, I have to deal with this, do I deserve all this? No, I don’t, again as a woman, the Law in this country is failing me, the system in this country is failing me. ”

“When is Daila Spolicia (Police) in this country will do their job? When someone in charge will do their job and finding criminals putting them behind bars because really this is exhausting, really you have someone that we love very much but no one is doing anything, they go to TV, we are going to bring criminals to justice, six years later No justice, but I am the one who is suffering day in day out, who I am the one who is taking any insults from everyone. They don’t blame them because at some point someone needs to held accountable and this point in time it is me and I don’t deserve it. ”

“So, I suggest, whoever is in charge of Daila Spolicia (Police) do your job, you had fingerprints, you have statements from everybody giving their statements, find someone who’s doing this awful thing, because really hiding behind the superiority of Yes we are in charge of a country, In charge of the country what exactly you are doing in this country that qualifies you to be in charge? People in charge protect women’s rights, people in charge find criminals and putting them to justice OK? So its high time you doing something and you will do it you do it fast. ” – Kelly Khumalo said

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