Katlego Maboe confess cheated on his wife and gave her STI with Outsurance employee


Popular South African TV presenter, singer-songwriter and accountant Katlego Maboe was left humiliated with egg on his face after being found to be cheating by his girlfriend.
The quirky host of the morning talk show Expresso on SABC 3 was made to publicly confess his infidelity on a recorded video.

There is a video trending on twitter of which at first most people thought it was a scripted play but unfortunately it’s real. The video is allegedly his wife talking asking Katlego who he slept with. Eventually he snaps and answers after being threatened that he might not see his son again. He mentions Nikkita Murray and the did was done once at the hotel. The wife claims he gave him an STI that is affecting her chances of having a second child.

Nikkita is also apparently married with a child. So this cheating mess has a potential damage a lot of people’s lives. Some people questioned why did his wife take a video? Issa mess!

Watch video below:

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