Husband Olympics: Mr Jones Goes All Out!

South African media personality, Minnie Dlamini-Jones’ was going through the most when she shared her emotions on Twitter on Tuesday, 9 June 2020.

She began the day with a Tweet which claimed that she was feeling down, but gave no further insight on what had ruined her mood. Minnie explained that she was waiting for her hubby, Quinton Jones, to wake up and cheer her up, although she was going to attempt to take her emotions into her own hands first.

She stated, “Feeling super low today I don’t wana get out of bed… Waiting for hubby to wake up to cheer me up. I refuse to let my mood ruin my day. Let me try this I’m in charge stuff and take change the narrative. I’ll let you know how I feel later…”.

And that she did… Minnie jumped back on Twitter later in the day to give fans an update on her mental state, sharing the thoughtful gesture from her husband. She stated, “I got flowers and a new bath candle so that’s nice… Shame poor Mr Jones having to deal with my moods today. Khethile Khethile”.

Can someone deal with our moods too please?!

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