How does Muthi wokuthola umsebenzi work


I would like to greet everyone who is reading this article. I welcome you yet to another topic Umuthi womsebenzi.

Alot of people have asked me this question is there such a thing called umuthi wokuthola umsebenzi or get promoted at work?

And my answer is always yes!

However, It is not as simple as that, there are a lot of elements and factors that you need to consider before going to a traditional healer and seeking for this kind of umuthi. These factors are as follows

Firstly do not go and ask for Umuthi for a position that is not vacant.

A position that has not been advertised. Awukho umuthi to create a position that is not there if a company is not hiring there is nothing umuthi can do to change that . Unfortunately we are at a time were we are faced with a high unemployment rate and umuthi can not solve that matter.

Secondly umuthi can not make you qualify for a job that you do not qualify for. Awukho muthi that will get you a position that you do not qualify for. You can not come and say I want umuthi to work as a social worker main while you have never even seen umnyango we university. Muthi can not change the fact that awufundile.

Guys when you go and seek help to a traditional healer especially me you need to be realistic, that is why some traditional healer play with you and than take your money it is because your guy are not realistic at times. Some things just need you to have common sense guys.

Than a person will come to me and say aiy gogo I have tried seeking help from a number of traditional healer but nothing is coming together and umuthi does not work for me.

No it is that umuthi is not working for you the problem is…, you were unreasonable with whatever that you wanted. Secondly you went to those fake greedy wanna be traditional healers who only want your money and do not want to tell you the truth.

OK let’s say for example that you are a qualified nurse and you have applied for post and you have been called for an interview with other fellow candidates.
OK first before you even send your CV udinga ukuyishuqisela and pray for it or what ever it is that you believe in
. Reason being there are a lot of people who are also applying for the same post as you and you do not know what are they using or doing to their CVs. This will give your CV a chance to be selected as one of the CV that fit the post that is advertised or vacant. Note you already qualify for that position.

Than the next step you need to start preparing for the interview as if you have already been called for it . Because when you go for interview muthi needs to be flowing within your blood stream not from the surface which is your skin. So for that to happen you need be to using it at least for a month.

Before using any muthi you first need to do what we call isigezo . This is a process that involves cleansing any evil spells, isinyama, isichitho, amathuzi amanya kanye nemimoya embi.It also helps to remove any other muthi that you might have been using. Here we are cleaning anything and everything that needs to be cleaned.

This ritual is done by a traditional healer asigodlweni. Which means you can not perform this ritual at home because you will be using what we call imithi yesigodlo. So guys do not be fooled by these fake traditional healer who will say I’ll give you something to go use at home. Awukwazi ukuzigeza wena.

Thirdly than you begin to use imithi that your traditional healer will prescribe for you be it uVelabahleke or umlomo umnandi this will depend or the traditional healer you are using on how he/she mixes his traditional herbs.

Umuthi will than give you an advantage to over power your fellow candidate. The interviewer will find you likeable, interesting and suitable for the position.

However, Guys when you do this please find reputable traditional healer. Do not waste your money on wanna be traditional healers.

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