5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Healthy and Long


Here are how to make my hair grow long and healthy

1. Eat healthy

Eating a healthy diet is the first and essential thing you must keep in mind every day. A healthy diet doesn’t only ensure better body function. It also makes your hair healthy and active.

2. Apply Hair Oils

This is a popular way of promoting and boosting healthy hair growth. It is a very common way of ensuring a healthy-looking hair. 

3. Cleanse With Shampoo And Conditioner

It is essential to shampoo your hair because it helps clean your scalp. When you shampoo, pay attention to the scalp and not the ends of your hair. You should also know the right amount of shampoo to use, depending on the length of your hair. By doing this its make you have a healthy hair.

This is because over applying shampoo makes the hair dry by removing all the essential oils responsible for keeping your hair moisturized and giving it that natural luster. How frequently you need to wash your hair will vary based on its texture, but once or twice a week is perfect for most people.

4. Do not Heat your hair 

This is an honest opinion, or rather a fact that using heat can ruin your hair quality. At some point or another, we have heard that using heat on our hair can destroy them. Using heat tools can damage our hair. By avoiding this its make you have a healthy hair. 

5.Handle Hair With Care

You need to handle your hair with a lot of care. Use a brush with wide bristles to comb your hair. Wet hair should be combed gently as strands are fragile compared to dry hair. Handle strands with great care to ensure you do not overstretch them, causing breakage in the process. Brush your hair daily, preferably twice a day, and do the brushing from the bottom up.


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