Don’t fall into the first-date trap of going to see a movie or taking them for a meal at the most expensive restaurant you can afford. While the restaurant option is not a terrible idea, it’s also not a very thoughtful or particularly creative choice. In fact, it’s clichéd to the point of being the default modern date.

– We are here to help you do much, much better than that. Here are our top 5 suggestions for choosing the perfect first date for you and your new beau.You should know a few basics about your match from chatting a little bit online – leverage this! One good place to start is finding out whether they are active or not. If they are a lover of the outdoors, show off your local knowledge and take them to a place only you know about, or at the very least, that’s relatively special. We are in no way recommending that you drive them into the middle of the forest to that creepy drug cave you found when you were 16. That sends the wrong kind of vibes, and will more than likely end up with your date sending panicked messages to their loved ones for help. We were thinking more about a nice urban park with a pretty bench or, perhaps, a location accessible on public transport with a good view or interesting story for a perfect first date.

– If they are sports fans, the choice is obvious: take them to see a local team play. It doesn’t even have to be a sport they particularly like. If they are football fans, why not take them to a hockey game? Going to a new sporting event is a great conversation starter and offers lots of discussion opportunities. Another approach is to allow yourself to be the vulnerable one, and if they are massively into, say, Rugby, and you have no idea about it, ask them if they would be interested in teaching you. If you want to over-think it, this shows that you are making an effort to get to know them and find common ground despite your differences. It also sends a very clear signal that you are open minded. All good messages to give off on a first date.

– If they are into arts and culture, sign both of you up to a life drawing class. You, of course, run the risk of seeing a wizened penis, but it’s a risk that could pay off. If you both have a good sense of humor you can turn potentially awkward situation into a bonding experience you both shared. You also have a great little takeaway memory of your first date.

– If they are not sporty and hate the outdoors and couldn’t draw a circle with a compass, then chances are you will have to look into something more accessible. Most dating profiles have information on which type of music people are listening to, and if their profile does not, then it’s a nice way to get a fresh line of conversation started by asking. Your job is to then do some research on up and coming events in and around your area and get tickets.

– If they don’t like being in nature, have no interest in the arts or music and they think Ice hockey is boring, you need to ask yourself what the hell you are doing wanting to date a corpse. I joke, but in all seriousness, if someone is not into any of the above, this means that the thing they ARE into, will more than likely be a major part of their life and will likely prominently feature on their dating profile. Do your research well and talk a bit more in order to uncover what it is. Just hope it’s not Furbies or Furries. If you don’t know what the latter is, don’t Google it. You are better off not knowing.

Considering all the above advice, your choice of activity should allow for conversation, but also provide a distraction to take the pressure off both of you to not have to talk constantly. Above all else, the first date should be fun and, if things go well, it can become a talking point to move the relationship along to the next meet-up

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